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Cool! What is the f/stop of your pinplate camera? Also, I'd be interested to hear about your techniques for keeping the plate from drying too quickly. Love your work, BTW!!


Hi Kerik,

Thanks for your kind words concerning my work.

F/STOP: I'm making an educated guess here: f/256 - f/384 - could be wider. My intial tests were at 15 mins and turned out to be good negative exposures - the Ambrotype exposures were between 4 - 6 mins. This is all in BRIGHT SUNNY weather.

KEEP THE PLATE WET: I wrap the back in a wet, cold cloth (insulating/almost freezing it), I keep the plate FLAT, collodion side up and I DO NOT wipe excess silver from the plate when pulling from the bath. Using all of these methods, I can go (easily) 15 minutes in the winter/cool weather.