With the exception of the Hassie, most of my gear I've been able to obtain well under going prices.

My Nikon FM is very minty, and works like a dream, and I think I found it on ebay for $30 which included shipping. I now have a motor drive for it, a 50mm 1.8 E, and a 28mm 2.8 E, all of which I got additional good deals on. I think the motor drive was like $10, the 50mm might have been $20, and the 28mm was closer to $50

My Polaroid land cameras were all well under going prices. I paid $10 for the 104, and $12 for the 420, and $20 for the 250. I rewired the 104 and 420 and have tested them with multiple packs, so I'm sure I could get at least double what I paid for them. I doubt I'd get rid of the 250 under any circumstances.

I thought about selling the Hassie and sticking with a Bronica 6x6 something or nother, but like I said, I may never have the chance to own one again...

But on the bright side, I did just book a job for this week!