This is a wierd idea for many. Bear with me.

I have fabricated all sort of odd gear photo bits like restoring old gear ( I mean 1900- 1960, mostlly box cameras ) with Fimo modelling clay and hot melt glue.

The Fimo can mold to anything, and shrinks ever so slightly when it dries.

I coat it with hot melt glue to give it tensile strength, and have even 'reinforced' it with sewing pins from the sewing machine case.

The glue can be tooled with silicone bake wear spatulas befiore it cools to give a better finish.

I paint the item black with a sharpie prior to laying on the glue if I need a light tight fix. Conductive bits get bits of copper pipe or aluminum sheeting cut and bent to shape where conductive surfaeces are needed

The result is not always totally beautiful, but is functional. Some times the repair / replace part does not clip into the original slots or holes, but goues 'over' the area that is missing, and uses rubber bands, etc. to hold it into place.