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Hours are Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm.
If I might suggest, closing shop on Monday and opening on Saturday might be a better strategy.
If traditional photography was more of a mainstream thing, more business customers would patronize the business during the week but, since traditional photography is basically an avocation, these days, I believe opening on Saturday would invite more business from people who couldn't visit M/F-9/5. The loss of one weekday would, hopefully, be covered or even exceeded by Saturday's business.

Further, I would like to see this business develop a website. If he did, I'd be likely to patronize via the web.

As it is, now, I use Freestyle, B&H and, occasionally, Adorama. While these are all good places to do business, I would certainly add Victory to my list if I could. Regardless, it's almost always better to have more choices of businesses to buy from.

Fingers crossed! Let's hope that Victory means victory!