Thank you. And thank you for the building update.

I haven't been up that way in a few years. Last I heard (through this thread and comments on some of my Flickr photos), the children's asylum was finally bought buy a developer and was going to be turned into commercial space(s).
I'm disappointed it's being razed for new construction, but not surprised. It sits on prime real-estate, atop a hill, directly visible from the interstate. And is probably too costly to re-purpose vs tearing-down and building something new.. And I guess it must not be listed on any state/national historic building registries due to its controversial nature(?)..

As far as the adult asylum/hospital/prison near downtown, it's turning into really nice apartments/condos. At least a few of the buildings have been finished. But renovation construction came to a halt due to the condo units not selling well enough (surprise surprise). Some of the buildings further back from the main road may still "abandoned" and might be accessible (but I have no real idea at this point).

I haven't checked the condos' site in a while either (can't remember the name/URL, too lazy to search the thread), but I think 'stage 3' of its building/reconstruction was to be where the asylum/hospital/prison's cemetery is located.. Always, thought that'd be a pretty funny selling point, "Oh by-the-way, the land you're $250k+ condo sits on used to be the resting place of dozens/hundreds of dead and forgotten mentally/emotionally-ill folk marked only by cold unmarked gravestones before we ripped them out of the ground/built over top of them.. So.. uh, sleep well tonight.."