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As I am almost completely in the “don’t crop” camp, but only use a standard lens with a 35mm camera. Does not cropping, perhaps have more validity with a standard lens on any format than say a telephoto or wide angle?
An argument could be made that the "don't crop" camp have an agenda other than the pictorial content of their photographs. The classic example is Henri Cartier-Bresson who insisted that his images not be cropped for publication. It was all about control, H.C-B's rather than magazine editors, and insured that H.C-B would remain in charge of the cultivation of his own legend.

In truth the viewfinder of a Leica is not so precise that the edges are certain. Different focal length Leica lenses, particularly the wides, actually deliver different size images on film! Similarly 35mm SLR's (Nikon F, WL finder excepted) often show 90% or less of the image that will arrive on film. Different focal lengths offer no salvation. So it is odd that the "don't crop" people insist on keeping edge details they never saw as validation of their skills. And don't get me started on people who file out negative carriers and include "verification borders" real or faked to "guarantee" the integrity of their art.