Hello, my name is John Cox and I've been browsing threads here the past few days and was impressed by the content and quality; I hope I have something decent to contribute and I'm sure I'll learn a lot.

I've been working as a photographer for the past seventeen years from when I started covering after school activities for a local newspaper. I started out with a Polaroid land camera and currently shoot Digital, Bonica MF, and leica M/L39. My most loved film is TXP 320 (120/220) and still have some as I buy it whenever I see it. If you know of any that the owner will part with let me know. I also have a large collection of toy/box cameras from 1886-1970.

I really like working with film because of the sheer deliberation involved. Taking a picture with film forces you to slow down and pay attention to composition exposure and focus. I feel this is lacking in a lot of photography today.

I live in Orangeville Ontario but will be moving to Toronto in the near future.