Great program guys!

Dovetails very well with what I, too, saw at EK from 1984 through 1995. I knew a number of the guys that worked at the Gerber plant and some came into my group after the demise of that project. A really talented bunch of (working) people, like most of EK, but really made you wonder what was happening at the top.

FWIW, during the demise of the high capacity floppy disk project, it started being called the EktaFlop around the Elmgrove plant. (little insider trivia there) Whatever happened to EP anyway? I can't imagine there's anything still there? (of Kodak, anyway)

But, I was just a youngster. Ron, you obviously understood much, much more. One interesting thing, though. My group was staffed with a bunch of recent college graduates. (Our manager really had his work cut out for him. ) About 1985 we conducted a review of the digital technologies we might employ on our project - kind of a kaizen event, if you will - and we all concluded the game would be over in about 15 years, give or take a few, due to the obviously coming digital capture. So, very new (my group) and experienced people (your group) came to largely the same conclusion but the larger company just couldn't accept it. Amazing.

Anyway, looking forward to more of these excellent programs!