You are definitely right about the Electrical Engineers and Chemical Engineers not knowing what the other side was doing. I'm an EE by degree and a software guy by career, and don't pretend to understand 1% of what you film guys were doing at Kodak, only that it worked really well. You Chemical Engineers definitely know your stuff!

You're also definitely right about nobody printing photos at home. Why, when you can upload and print on someone else's printer/lightjet so inexpensively (and conveniently, I might add), would you want to print on your own printer with less than stable inks? If Kodak was going to go into the printer business, they should've beat Fuji to the punch with their Frontier digital minilabs and dry minilabs (shh, don't tell the guys I work with that I prefer prints on real photo paper, not inkjet!), not by tring to get into the home printing market.

FWIW, I'd much rather have a color laser printer than an inkjet. Much lower cost of operation than inkjet. And I still wouldn't print photos for sharing or putting in photo albums on it - maybe the occasional DVD cover for home videos, but that would be about it.

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