Hi folks!

I've just received my package of chemicals from artcraft that included the
pyro and amidol developers which I've not used previously. I've bought a 5x7
Seneca view camera with addded front swings, new bellows, etc. I've mounted
a Wide Field Ektar 135/6.3 lens, received a BTZS focusing cloth. I've got a
hundred sheet box of Azo and a thousand foot roll of 5 inch wide Panatomic-X
aerial film to cut down for the 5x7 size.

Since I've not used pyro before, I feel like a youngster (I'm 57). Initially,
because the film is so thin (aerial film) I'll be developing one sheet at a time.
I've some experience in contact printing but it's been awhile! I've picked up
almost a dozen 5x7 film holders which I'm waiting to get.

I've refurbrished an old Elwood 5x7 enlarger and aquired 9 300 watt bulbs
for it. If I remove the lens board, I believe it will be ideal for contact printing.

Since all the equipment and material is new (to me), I need to set some project(s) to
learn it's operation. I've decided to work indoors with some table top setups,
until operation of the camera becames smooth. Also, I'll be able to develop
the negatives right away. I suppose most will go in the circular file, but
I may get some keepers. My front room has great window light.

It has taken the better part of a year for me to afford and locate the materials
for this project. I look forward to this forum for assistance in the near future!

I'd like to thank Mike and Paula for there generous sharing here and on the
puresilver mailing list. I just wish we were on the same coast of the US.

Rich Lahrson
Berkeley, California
onto Azo as the height can be easily changed.