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You're also definitely right about nobody printing photos at home. Why, when you can upload and print on someone else's printer/lightjet so inexpensively (and conveniently, I might add), would you want to print on your own printer with less than stable inks? If Kodak was going to go into the printer business, they should've beat Fuji to the punch with their Frontier digital minilabs and dry minilabs (shh, don't tell the guys I work with that I prefer prints on real photo paper, not inkjet!), not by tring to get into the home printing market.

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FWIW, one of the last pieces of work I did in the Exploratory Color Photography Lab was to design a pollution free high speed processing and printing unit. It ran at 120 deg F and produced a print in a few seconds using Ektacolor 30 paper. (this was 1978)

The unit used mixed bed resins to clean the water and it produced no pollution. Wash water was totally recycled. The project was cancelled in favor of several other routes including Instant.

Re-Ektaflop, we were going to call our instant product Kodaroid in honor of Polaroid, but since we were only half way there and were straining hard, we called it Hemiroid (misspelling deliberate to convey meaning)