what do seasoned street shooters use for making photographs? What's your primary street-shooting system?

I love to use my Contax SLR with T* lenses but it's not the most inconspicuous nor quiet camera available. I've only used rangefinders a handful of times but enough to know their merits. That said, a rangefinder of the quality of my Contax system is beyond my means right now. And with a few sporadic exceptions in the past, I've only recently had the ability to go out and shoot street with any regularity. I've always admired good street photographers and the images they make. It's the purist form of photography IMHO. Documentary would be a close second.

Please tell me what you use to shoot with and any other ancillary details are welcome as well! Also, links to images are appreciated.

For background:
My roots in photography are documentary. Longer-term projects following a series of subjects about their daily lives, activities, jobs ... very microscopic stuff ... Anyway, the point is: FOR MY DOCUMENTARY WORK, MY SLR WAS / IS PERFECT. At first, subjects are/were a little awkward around the camera but eventually they grow used to it and so do I.

I've always used Contax SLRs. I love them. I love using them and I love the images they produce. If photos don't come out well it's usually because I do something retarded. When images come out right, they can be absolutely stunning even in small format. I prefer fast film. Usually Tri-x at 1600, Tmax 3200 ... have pushed Neopan 400, 800 and 1600. For detailed work, I LOVE Delta 100 in ilfotec HC. Since I rarely print larger than 8x10, this format is not a problem.

Have only recently had the stability and resources to get back into shooting, processing, developing and printing from home. Print mostly 5x7 on a Leitz Valoy II ... process in Rodinal, D-76, and ilfotec-hc (depending on film i'm using), and print using dektol.

I think that a bad / unengaged photographer can not make good photographs even if s/he has the best equipment, but a discerning photographer wants to have precision and quality optics with which to record moments in the most impressive way possible. With my Contax system, "F8 and Be there" works in almost every scenario.