Good to see another SLR in the mix, rthomas.

I can't imagine trying to capture candid scenes with a 4x5 ... what's your technique there? Long lens and a lot of waiting in one place? That's my first guess.

Bradleyk ... I also use the 28 and 50 most often.

But now that my pancake 45 tessar is back from the shop, i'll probably put it on my 139Q and try that setup for street. Quite a bit more compact than the RTS + distagon 28 f2.8 / 50 f1.4

The 50 1.4 is ideal for me because it's so darn fast!

thanks everyone for the information. I love hearing about what other people use (the firearm chatter is even a bit amusing)

Still like to hear from anyone else.

Also, something else came to mind. Is HP5 Ilford equivalent of Tri-X?