This past weekend I ran one of my Large Format 101 workshops at the studio in Burlington.
The four photographers taking part had a chance to shoot with the new Ilford Harman Direct Positive fibrebase paper. We had some in the 4x5 size.
This is what we found....

The paper is thick and can be hard to load into a regular 4x5 sheet film holder. We didn't try the 8x10 but since the holders are larger I doubt if it would be an issue.
Once or twice we couldn't get the dark slide back into the holder because of the thicker paper.
Although contrasty, with flatter light we could get a nicely toned image.
It was very convenient for shooting and doing a quick process to see how the image looked.
Since every image is an original it's a series of 1, which even feels like fine art.
We shot red roses, which were too black since the film isn't red sensitive, with white roses the images looked very nice.

Exposure with a photo flood was about 1 min at f32. Changing to 50 seconds, made a subtle but noticeable difference.

Overall we were very pleased and I expect to shoot a number of still life's this spring using it. I might jump up to 8x10 since a 4x5 is a bit small to frame and hang.