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This open to the public exhibition of the works of photographer Walker Evans in MASP (Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo).

It's a nice chance to take a peek at the lifestyles of several large cities in the early twentieth century. Evans, whose style slot between documentary and artistic shows the marks of a consumer culture in society.

Although the focus of the photographer not the environment, your photos show how the lack of any concern for sustainability and preservation can make the space we live in something harsh.

The visual pollution is a hallmark of his work, especially those made in the U.S. in the post Great Depression, showing walls and walls full of ads, in contrast to the precarious living conditions of people.

It is curious that the visual pollution was not confined to the streets - one of the photos shows the inside of a house with rickety furniture and a wall full of advertisements.

The photos of Evans were brought to Brazil by the Cultural Foundation Mapfre and exposed the MASP until January 10, 2010.