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I understand, but isn't that closer to antique photography that was also an obtuse jab at people who are under the impression a digital camera is 100% digital. Being in IT for a few decades, I remember and have worked with a few analog computers as well, both electronic and mechanical ones, (K&E rules).

BTW, your images are captured with a light sensitive film on a non flexible or opaque backing. Modern photographic film is a light sensitive film coating on a reasonably dimensionally stable flexible backing material.

So film photography still works. It's all in the daffynitions isn't it.
Also, if you really want to warp peoples' minds, tell them that all photography is black and white. It is only through chemistry, dyes, filters and electronics that we can create the illusion that the photograph is in true color. Take out the dye couplers or develop in the wrong chems and you will have a black and white rendition of your subject on supposedly color film. Pull the color filters out of a Technicolor 3-strip camera and you've got nothing. Without the Bayer filter, your digicam is no better at capturing color than Tri-X.

It makes peoples' hair smoke when you tell them it's all just a trick.