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Hey, guys, anyone have an idea if these backs may fit this camera? It seems to be a 'slide in" type and these Kodaks seem to be slide ins....?
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The sellers description;

KODAK Metal PLATE HOLDERS 2 1/4X 3 1/4 or 6 1/2X9cm.For sheet film and I presume glass plates.These are nicely made,thin to fit into the camera,and hinge open for loading.I believe that they fit Kodak Plade Cameras and German Plate Cameras.I am selling these as a lot of 3.
These were made for the Kodak Recomar 18 camera, but may work with the 6.5x9 Zeiss Taxo that you bought. They are the "slide-in" type. Another nice thing about them, they are designed to use with sheet film, so they don't need the "septums" or "inserts" to hold sheet film flat on the focal plane.