Going to San Francisco for a meeting Saturday March 24, so airfare covered. I've finally arranged to fly out on Thursday afternoon,3/22/12, arriving about 6pm. Planning on renting a car and driving to Yosemite that evening, staying at a motel outside the park entrance. Will get up early Friday and be in place for sunrise shots, and shooting throughout the day. Will need to be back in San Francisco late Friday evening.

So, If you only had ONE day to photograph your first visit to Yosemite, where would you start, and what would be your progression of photo sites throughout the day? I've never been there before, so learning all I can. Planning on bringing my Pentax 645N plus 45-85mm, 80-160mm, and 75mm lenses. Will bring lots of Velvia, TriX, TMax 100. Please feel free to chime in with suggestions for film, location, technique, etc.
Sorry, I was only able to arrange one extra day off work. But that's my work situation at present. I envy all of those retirees out there...