I've now got a half dozen types of fumed silica in my house, and another half dozen or so on the way. So far it seems like folks either get something purely labeled as "fumed silica", or they're using Aerosil 200. There are dozens of other types; I wonder what all of the unlabeled or repacked versions really are.

I have one, for example, labeled "Aerosil - cabosil". Two different brand names. I seriously doubt it's a mix of both; but even if it is, it doesn't say which Aerosil or CAB-O-SIL product. And I have another which was sold as "Aerosil 200" but is hydrophobic - which means it's *not* Aerosil 200.

So, if you're using fumed silica, I'd be interested to hear: which type? What's it labeled, and where did you get it?

(My goal here is to catalog the different properties of a dozen-ish fumed silica variants to give us some sort of baseline for comparison; if I see that folks are using something common that I don't have, I'll go pick some up to include it.)

-- Jorj