I don't think I could do it. If I had one day and I had never been there (which I haven't) I imagine I'd have to just walk and explore. Of course I'd want to see half dome and and a few other famous sites for my first time, but from a phtographic perspective I doubt I'd by able to do anything more than tourist snapshots.

I "grew up" on Ansel's pictures, and it would just be too overwhelming to be there so I'd really need to "settle down" before trying to actually see any new pictures that wouldn't be copies of Ansel, Sexton and others. I'd just enjoy it without a camera and think about what I might want to explore with a camera when I came back one day, maybe some of the less outwardly spectacular parts that yielded some of Adams's quieter images. I really don't know. It's a big park with a lot of photographic history and it would take way more than a day for me to even figure out which parts I might want to explore more deeply, let alone photograph with any kind of personal vision.

That's just me though.