Never been, so I have different advice... don't photograph anything. Maybe a few cell-phone souvenirs. Take the day, enjoy the park, make lots of notes about where you would like to return (you suggest you will be back). I, personally, wouldn't hope to get much done in one day (and really only a few hours of good light) but I would sure like to have a day in Yosemite to take the place in if I had the chance. You've heard the joke about the visitor who asks a park ranger what to do if they only have one day in Yosemite?

Okay, maybe I wouldn't put the cameras away completely, but I would concentrate on one area or subject. I would not be there to see how much of the park I could get before my lenses, but would likely settle on a spot, hope for good light and try to slow down and enjoy the view.

The way you ask about a "progression of photo sites" makes it sound like you are ticking shots off a list, a sort of shopping list or photo scavenger hunt. Personally, making any sort of meaningful photographs would not be a result of such planning. I don't want to be a downer, and applaud your enthusiasm! Wish I could have a day there, sometime.... Please let us know how the trip goes, sounds like fun!