Hi all!

I recently got into photography, I’d say maybe 8 months ago. Funny thing is all I needed was a darn camera to make videos with and then I got hooked to actually taking pictures. I got a top end digital superzoom and got into it quite a lot but I always had the impression that film was for the more “knowledgeable” and you couldn’t use film unless you were a real pro because it’s difficult. But I wanted to upgrade to a DSLR but wasn’t sure I’d need it…so I got myself a AE-1 with 3 canon lenses for 100$ to try it out…well that’s when my love for film started.

I now use a Mamiya M645 1000s mostly in BW and take pictures of nature, street, abstract or really anything that catches my eye. I must say that I prefer street right now though… I prefer the process with film, the fact that it requires skill and well I prefer my nice mechanical metal camera to the expensive plastic toy. The look of course is way richer and warm with film, I mean you have to be in denial to believe otherwise. And I’m not just comparing to my digital but other peoples shots with top end DSLR’s. My film pics are the only ones I print and I develop my BW myself. But I like using my digi for tests and for pictures I need quick feedback on.

I am obviously beginning in this art form, I need feedback and advice from people who know what they are talking about. I get some good shots and a lot of the pictures I make get positive feedback but when I look at what’s out there I know there is much to learn!