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I love using my Hasselblad for street work. I find people either don't notice you when you're looking down the WLF, or they respond positively. I also like a challenge, it makes me more thoughtful about what and how I shoot. I'd still like a nice rangefinder with a fast lens though, for low light work.


Yes ... just like everybody else, I really like this photo, AMSP. Thanks for sharing!

I can see the merits of the waist-level viewfinder as well as the stand-near-populated-area-with-large-format method. Unfortunately I can't afford either right now. Hass is def. on my permanent wish list. Large format, perhaps one day as well.

I think that something I'm taking away from this conversation, is 1) that I'm not the only one out there shooting street with an SLR; 2) many of us have similar experiences / reactions from people while shooting street and 3) finding a way to not look at your subjects directly (i.e. under a curtain of a large format, down into the WLF) can direct attention away from you.