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Yes ... just like everybody else, I really like this photo, AMSP. Thanks for sharing!

I can see the merits of the waist-level viewfinder as well as the stand-near-populated-area-with-large-format method. Unfortunately I can't afford either right now. Hass is def. on my permanent wish list. Large format, perhaps one day as well.

I think that something I'm taking away from this conversation, is 1) that I'm not the only one out there shooting street with an SLR; 2) many of us have similar experiences / reactions from people while shooting street and 3) finding a way to not look at your subjects directly (i.e. under a curtain of a large format, down into the WLF) can direct attention away from you.
Thanks, here's a couple of tips n' tricks I use myself... 1.) Look ahead to spot the moment before it happens. 2.) Prefocus and walk into the shot, or wait for the subject to walk into it, with a Hassy WLF you will see it snap into focus nicely. 3.) Pretend you're focusing on something else, if the subject notices you but isn't sure look past them and keep walking. This will convince them you were photographing something else. If they notice you and there's no doubt you were shooting them, SMILE! 4.) Sometimes it's just good manners to ask first, most of the time people will say yes. If they don't agree, don't be the asshole that takes the shot anyway. 5.) Be relaxed and have fun, people pick up on your vibe.