I'm a little like you, Rachelle - no darkroom at all here in BKK, so when I get to head home to AU, I spend as much quality time as I can in the darkroom, to get my "fix".

First step is to process any film that I've shot, and wait (im)patiently for it to dry.
Next I have a look at these negs on my lightbox; (sometimes I'll print a contact sheet, but these days I can tell from the neg if it will print well.)
I'll also take the time to revisit previous negs that I've not printed up, and select a few to add to the list of prints.

The day of printing, I'll start early and often can finish really late - only taking the mandatory breaks needed - food, water, bathroom - sometimes it can be a 12 hour day, other times maybe 6-8.

If I'm home for 6 weeks, I'll try my hardest to spend one day a week in the darkroom, as it's my "me-time" when nothing else matters except the negs, the paper, my music selection and the ability to work my magic to produce some prints that I'm extremely happy and proud of.

Being starved of the darkroom kills me, but I love stepping inside every chance I get, just so I can work my artistic muscles yet again!!