Good luck , stay connected with APUG , these people are artists and naturally have good hearts. Dont forget my word , Technicolor can process your films , 30 rolls , 50 dollars. Shoot whatever you can and collect in freezer in sealed packages than send to USA. May be they can even scan them , after lots of experience , you can order special post processing for special look. It costs money but what a great fun !

What is your camera and lens ? Try to buy German lenses especially a screw mounted 50s Leica , believe me it improves your photography as Mercedes improves your driving experience. If you have no money , you can buy 60 dollars Leica Point and Shoot , it is really amazing.
Spend less than 15 dollars to subscribe and share your pictures. First 100 posts are difficult but after all it goes smoothly.
It must be 5 AM at Singapore.