Amazing photographer Toby Deveson is running a crowdsourcing project over at that I think anyone who loves analog photography might be interested in backing. He's not only looking to do a show, but also celebrate & educate people in the wonderful process of film photography and printing. Here's an outtake from the website...

"With iconic brands like Kodak facing bankruptcy, I am afraid that film, along with all the excitement and wonderment I experienced as a teenager, is at risk of becoming obsolete. Photography students, for example, will often go through their entire course without entering a darkroom.

It is time to celebrate the power of film, and I intend to get my work out there and use it to evangelise about what I believe in.

During the exhibition I will invite students and kids to come and talk to me so I can share the skills, knowledge and passion I've developed over those 22 years. Seeing darkroom prints and speaking directly to the photographer will, I hope, inspire the students and increase the likelihood of them developing skills in analogue photography."