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This is my first experience of owning a Canonet but the viewfinder on my QL17 is bright. I think the 17 & 19 are the same camera but with a different lens.

APUG is full of experienced & very helpful Canonet users so it may be worth starting a thread specifically asking that question. Sorry I can't be more helpful but give me a few weeks and I'll know mine inside out
Yes, I have certainly found (in my short time here) that the well of knowledge on APUG is huge - and the people are very willing to put up even with a noob like me. Great site, great folks!

As far as the 19 & 17 go, well, this one is surely not the same camera! I was under the same imperession - but now i know better! The Bell&Howell by Canon Canonet 19 I got is the size of a classic SLR body! The film advance is on the bottom (the whole camera seems like it was flipped over - the film windes right to left!!!)

If anyone wants to see what I bought, here is a little write up -

It is a pleasure to use, and once you get used to its "backwardsness" its actually really convenient - the lefthanded rewind feels like... well... a better idea - you don't have to move your right hand off the shutter!!!