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Regarding places to shop for stuff, I now stay away from Lauzeau. Just about everything I ask for they reply "I think it's been discontinued"! I do all my local shoping at Photo Service. They have no problems ordering my RA4 chemicals. But really, all of my film and paper is ordered from B&H. When I calculate shipping and taxes, it's still at least 25% cheaper than buying/ordering within Canada (Henry's or Vistek) and certainly a lot cheaper than buying in Montreal, and it's delivered to my door!

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I also order film from B&H. A roll of Tri-X costs $2 more in Montreal than what you pay for it when you order from B&H, and this includes shipping. Of course, you have to order at least 20 rolls for this to be worthwhile. Someone is making a hefty profit on Tri-X in Canada.