I used to have a Vitessa-L, and as I recall, there was a clip on the takeup spool, and you had to slip the leader under the clip, and I think it grabbed the last sprocket hole. You wouldn't want the leader to protrude through to the other side of the clip, and if it wasn't inserted straight, you would have winding problems. Also, I would start it winding before putting the back on, just to be sure that everything was lined up properly. I do that with any 35mm camera.

I remember having some kind of issue with that camera--maybe the frame counter. I sent it to Frank Marshman, and he did a really fine CLA and much to my surprise, got the selenium working for a time, though I hadn't expected that, and it didn't continue, but other than that, the camera worked very well, and the 50/2.0 Ultron was the nicest 50mm lens I've ever used on any 35mm camera.