I love my Vitessa and it has become my standard "snapshot" camera

However, loading it is a pain in the arse unless you are running a couple of films per day, my recommendation is to practice slowly and carefully - I was about to make a set of pix of the loading process, but it has film in it - If you send my your email address I will return with the manual, hang on a moment, I will see if it is still in this laptop, make a cup of tea while I look -------- You are in luck, the pages are jpgs, so I post them here

v06.jpg v07.jpg

If the whole process is too much and you decide to abandon the camera please let me have first offer, I adore the tonal quality of Voigtlander lenses and have four for LF use, although my 135mm Skopar is offered for sale at the moment

I too find the T'thwack of the the barn doors opening a problem as I imagine the doors flying into orbit