Thanks Grumpy. I had found the manual from Butkus (need to pay him!) and followed the steps as best I could. It's either just something in my execution of the steps, or maybe a problem with the part of the film back that holds the film against the sprockets. I do hope Essex can get it sorted (and the camera should go for a CLA anyway) as I'd like to get it working. I love the design, like the compactness for an everyday shooter, and have heard nothing but raves about the Ultron lens, so hope not to abandon and sell! (You don't really want to contemplate the cost of shipping this metal ingot all the way from eastern USA to WA anyway do you? )

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However, loading it is a pain in the arse unless you are running a couple of films per day, my recommendation is to practice slowly and carefully - I was about to make a set of pix of the loading process, but it has film in it - If you send my your email address I will return with the manual, hang on a moment, I will see if it is still in this laptop, make a cup of tea while I look -------- You are in luck, the pages are jpgs, so I post them here

If the whole process is too much and you decide to abandon the camera please let me have first offer...