So, I'm sitting in a public place, a gazebo. I have gone to this place specifically because it is shaded, has an electric outlet for my computer
and is a public place. I am away from home, camping, writing for a writing project and I have finally discovered a good place I can write and watch my dog at the same time. I have my computer plugged in and my notebooks out in front of me, my dog tied up beside me, and I'm typing away. A woman walks up and asks me to move, but it's clear she isn't really asking. I'm appalled by her nerve, because I'm pretty well ensconced in this spot, and I'm finally getting some writing done. I ask her how far? Just to the other side of the gazebo? No, she wants me out of the gazebo entirely so she can photograph a young couple. I make it very clear that I am not pleased, but I decide not to make a scene (I'm very good at making them) for the sake of the young couple who are innocent in this. I shut down my computer, pack it up, untie my dog, and grumbling, move 100 feet away, into the sun where I can't see my computer screen, and watch her take a bunch of pictures of the couple. Ten minutes later she clears me to move back, and thanks me, to which I grumble "are you a professional photographer"? and she replies Yes sir. I resist the urge to say "You need to work on the professional part", and don't say anything at all.

She was never blatantly rude, but it was obvious from her demeanor that she fully expected me to comply. I found her asking me to move at all rude, even if it was done in ac pseudo-courteous way.

Professional photographer? Discuss.