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But I disagree with the suggestion she was unreasonable. Many professional photographers (several I know personally in corporate and wedding work) would be a lot more forthright in their directions.
Doesn't work in NYC.

Some years ago, I was catching a late - 2 AM - train home from Grand Central Terminal. GCT, usually fairly empty at that time, was full of people, all standing around at discrete distances from one another. They were extras in a feature film being shot there, all standing at their "places" marks. Since I was early for the train, I stood at the entrance to the track, to see if some famous Hollywood stars would appear. A scruffy-looking 20-something (I was in my dark 3-piece custom-made pin-striped Brooks Brothers suit, 7-eyelet Allen Edmonds shoes, etc - you get the picture) approached me and brusquely ordered me to get down the track. I politely replied with a firm, "No", while the gentleman standing next to me (also in business attire), said something immeasureably more impolite. The roughian switched to diplomatic mode, explained the situation, and asked us to move. We engaged him with questions about the film for a minute or two, just to demonstrate our manhood. When he asked a second time, we immediately complied. He could have saved himself a lot of time.

We figured he wasn't from New York.