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With architectural photography, I've waited for aaages for a scene to be clear to photograph, whilst the light changes and I freeze or boil to death. I think in that circumstance, if the shot were critical and you looked like you were settled in, I'd come over and have a chat and try to "engage" you with what I was up to - discuss it like a human being (you may have more 'right' to be there than I do - who knows 'till there's a dialogue?). I reckon if I was you in your situation, I'd be grumpy too!!

I've been in the same position, waiting patiently while mentally cursing people to "get out of the way"!! Last week I spent nearly an hour waiting unsuccessfully for an architecutural scene to be clear of people (too open a view to ask them individually)!

If it were really necessary (and practical), I would chat to someone pleasantly, explain what I was trying to do, and ask politely if they could just spare a moment and move for me. I've never had any trouble, and often the person has shown interest in what I was doing, and even apologised for not realising! BUT, if I were a professional photographer or film-maker, I would consider it appropriate to get any permits or authorities necessary in a public place, and, even then, use common sense and decency rather than being heavy-handed.
Or just choose a time and day when the place was quiet.