Heck. For decades I had a ranch just down the hwy a ways, but never took more than six shots in Yos Valley in
my entire life. Most were done on a single day during a heavy Jan snowstorm when nobody could get into the
park and I left my truck parked right in the middle of the road (no turnouts were plowed that day). Me and my
nephewe hacked our way up a big ice cone below El Cap Fall and I chiseled the top off with the ice axe for a
tripod platform for my Sinar. Been through the Valley countless times returning from backpack trips on the east side of the Sierras. Plenty of things to photograph there obviously, but I just prefer a lot more solitude - which
is in fact easy to get in Yosemite Park per se, as long as one avoids the Valley and the Tuolumne area, and a
couple of other spots. In summer the Valley can be so filled with smoke that one can barely see the rim. Don't
know why they allow campfires. It's hot and smoggy at that elevation anyway in Summer, and more of a theme
park. Should be nice right now however, with snow forecast.