Color enlargers have adjustments for each color channel built into the light head instead of having to use corrective filters below the lens.

I don't recommend starting off using color printing, or a color enlarger.

For medium Format I highly recommend a Beseler 23C. They are sturdy, extremely well made, easy to find parts for, and a fantastic machine. The El-Nikkor enlarging lenses are superb, but so are the Rodenstock enlarging lenses.

I also concur that looking through ancient photography books lin libraries is a good thing to do, I did this when I taught myself film developing. Nothing much has changed with regards to the basics so the information there should all be relevant, with exceptions being of course, product recommendations, or chemical that may no longer be made by the manufacturer.

For paper, if you don't already have a preference, I would start off using Ilford Multigrade IV RC. It's a great all around paper.

PS, Welcome to Apug!