Sorry to hear of your situation.

You make 4 piles:
1 - the gear that you can reasonably expect to need to earn income in the foreseeable future, excluding pieces that are used infrequently and can be rented
2 - the gear that truly is irreplaceable due to scarcity or sentimental value
3 - the gear that has such low market value that selling it won't provide any real benefit
4 - all the rest (if this pile isn't at least as large as the other 3 combined, go through piles 1-3 again!)

Sell pile #4. Also, keep in mind that your digital gear declines in value every day. Also, in most metro areas, you can rent that gear if needed. So be realistic about whether it will be used in the foreseeable future.

Start selling stuff soon; the more time you have the more you'll be able to get.