Gralab 300 meets all of your requirements. They ARE workhorse timers. They are easy to set and two of mine were probably made in 70s or 80s which tells me they lasts quite a while. The new ones are made out of mostly plastic and I don't know how good they are, but older ones are very rugged.

For a simple timer, they are very nice.

I now use Gralab digital timers. I purchased mine in your price range right here on APUG classified. It seems whenever a school or something decommissions darkroom, they come out in quantity. These are nice and accurate. But has one negative. They malfunction every now and then. When multiple timers are connected in the same circuit, (meaning same circuit in the chain of outlets), triggering one sometimes triggers the other. Also, every now and then, they fail to shut off. Even brand new one exhibited this issue. Weird.