you can really not adjust your sKannmasheene of you go into the leevalls
and move the sliders all the way to the right + left, and then the contraster to 1.0
so the line is straight across on the diagonal. THAT will unadjust your leevalls,
otherwise your sKannmasheene still adjusts them in one way or another ...

do you use a variety of films and papers and developers ?
it might be a fruitful exercise to use one film and developer and paper
and "fine tune" your shooting to match the prints you like .. i wouldn't trust the sKannmasheene unless
you use it to convert your film to 0s + 1's
and use a less arcane system to do your printing for you ... and you can fine tune your film exposure and developing
for that too, if you want ... exposing, and developing will be different than for paper printing, just as
processed film used in a condenser and cold light / diffusion head will be different ...

they used to say 30% more processing for cold light but that was a starting point ( just like developing times, box speeds + everything else ) there is no right or wrong, just what works for you ...

... personally i like to over expose most everything i shoot by a few stops ( sometimes 4 or 5 )
and then develop the film so it is almost too dense to see an image ... i have a few ways to get an image out of that, and
i know my film is dovetailed to the way i like to do that ...