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huh? you are saying to open up with a refected light meter to place a shadow?
As I take a break with water running down the drain (and you know that is a good thing)...

Doremus only clarified the thought process, not the direction.

In fact ... you do close down, all three of us can easily agree.

It accomplishes the same outcome.

At first I disagreed to even close down. And technically if you leave the shadow incident reading as-is it will give plenty of shadow detail.

But even Minor White closed down from palm reading in shadow (normally VI) to place palm reading in shadow on Zone IV. Palm readings are essentially incident readings. So since Minor White said it is the right thing to close down (an effectively incident shadow reading) two stops... I'll listen. I typically take what he says as a benchmark to check my thinking. If I disagree I had better have a good reason. In this case I think he is right.

And I think Doremus was right at the very first post. Close down two stops.