I just ordered my first ZeroImage 45 Deluxe after some extensive research. For those who care the reason I went with this instead of the Ilford Titan was the modular design which allows for different focal lengths as well as the zone plates option.

I am completely new to LF as my only film bodies have been 35mm and recently Hasselblad 501CM. So I still have some learning to do. My intent with this camera is project specific and I do not plan to work in LF extensively (this will most likely be my only 4x5 body). I am in the process of collecting items for my first darkroom and have a donated enlarger but it doesn't do 4x5 (or so I've been told, I still need to go pick it up). So what I plan to do with pinhole is to use it with direct positive paper which I can process pretty easily (I think) using some trays and my bathroom even before I have a designated DR.

So my general question is: am I missing something or can I accomplish what I want without an enlarger or 4x5 developing gear? And also besides a 4x5 back and paper is there anything else I should be looking into? I have a large light proof bag I use for loading my 120 reels that I can use to load the film holders. With time I might look into developing 4x5 negs but I've spent enough already and would like to just focus on my upcoming project. I think I can get 120 film back for this model as well so I might look into that at some point and be able to develop negs to enlarge and print.

I just love how versatile this little "box" is, or promises to be, and I can't wait to try it!