Hello Ron and All,
Recently, I have been working with an emulsion that is higher in I:Br ratio than I have worked with previously. As I have written here befor, I work with Ron's suggestion of DSA3057 (red senisitizer due to J aggrigates) and SDE 3008(green sensitizer). By total accident, I have found that the SDE3008 is acting as both a green and red sensitizer. Also the degree of sensitivity to all 3 colors is very even. There are several differences between this emulsion and what I have worked on befor. And, like all of my emulsions, it uses silane treated PVA instead of gelatin. But the latter could NOT be the reason for the accidental Red sensitivity, as I have been working with silane treated PVA emulsion almost as long as I have been working with emulsions.
There is another R&G sensitizer , or so I am told, that I will also be trying
I have slowed down lately and will be taking a "leave of absense" from "wet work" for 6-8 weeks due to upcoming surgery. But right now, I am taking the above emulsion, which I HAVE been able to replicate and scale up, and try to improve the coating chracteristics. As of now, containing no sufactant at all, it leaves random craters when coated onto very clean glass.
Best of luck to you all,