My less serious posts notwithstanding, my hobby is photography. When people ask what I'm doing, I say I'm taking pictures. I don't "capture images". I don't do (film/analog/digital) photography. If they ask me what kind of camera I'm using, I say it is a 35mm or medium format or large format camera. If they ask more, I'll say more. I'll talk their ears off if they let me. If they say "you're using film?" I'll smile and get into the wonders of film with them.

I actually don't know when I would ever say "analog" to a person in the street.

The questions I hear most are: "You're using film?", "where do you find film here?", and "Are there still places to get film developed around here?"

I think the most useful place for the word "analog" is right here, in this forum, among the cognoscenti, allowing us to differentiate this place from our sister site.