So an update

Snap's big event is next Sunday evening... Even before the Live Auction is held they have raised $55.000 in adopt a lot bids.

I am lucky to be in the live auction part of the show show and over the weekend Edward Day Gallery here in town had a preview of the 63 lots.

Proudly I can say my piece was situated right below a Herb Ritt's piece and Ansel Adams darkroom Tray image by John Cyr.

I hope this not my only 15 minutes of fame but boy did it sure feel good.

I will be working on the live auction side for Snap 2013 and to that effect will be looking for Canadian work from all points east to west , but as well I welcome international submissions.

If you feel you would like to donate a print and frame for the live auction then send me an email and I can look at your work.

This is a great cause and one Elevator has supported for 5 years and hope to continue with.. I will post images as time moves on showing this great event.