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Chuck, the only times that armoured assault vehicles (never "tanks" - *WAY* too big for the job) similar to the US Bradley fighting vehicle, have been deployed at Heathrow was when mortars were fired by the IRA at the Airport from a perimeter road (they landed in the grass & didn't explode...). If you were unlucky to have been passing through Heathrow at that time, it's hardly surprising that security was heightened...

Only other time was a few months ago when there was an alleged imminent strike planned against landing planes by everyone's current favorite terrorist organization. Not everyone was convinced, given Blair's track record in "interpreting" intelligence reports.
I'll take your word for it. I was in the Air Force, not the Army, though I once dated a woman whose father worked on the Bradley.

Whatever it was, it was Big, Metal, with a BIG GUN on the top, pointed in our direction. Nice way to enter Heathrow!

This was around 1986 or 1987 if memory serves.