With construction works beeing finished in our "smallest film factory of the world" we start positioning the machines and taking on the production.

In recent days we were pleased to be able to pick up our all renewed 35mm perforating and marking machine from the factory where it was originally built in 1964 and 1980. We dropped off two machines from our stock (one from 1964 and one from 1980) one and a half years ago and last month the owner rang us up and informed us that the total rebuilt was finished.

He stripped down the machines to the die cast chassis, made one out of two, painted it and refurbished all moving parts before reassembly.
Thus we are proud to announce that ADOX 35mm film will be made on the worldīs newest perforating machine from now on.
This ofcourse implies that no one else is crazy enough to built an all new 35mm film perforating machine today.
Well, at least I donīt know of anyone...

The machine represents German mechanical machine building craftmanship at itīs peak.
Acording to the owner who works there since 1962 (now doing other things than building film perforating machines) a machine like this cannot be built today because the fine craftmanship has been lost. The perforating pins and matrix have been built to an accuracy of 2/1000th of a milimeter over a length of 9mm. The people who made these are retired now and upcoming fine mechanics are not challenged to such a degree anymore because today electronics supervise mechanics and automatically correct mispositioning. Our machine has to be so precise that mispositioning cannot occur in the fist place because back then no electronic supervision was possible.

We work with 4 positioning pins and 4 perforating pins. The accuracy achieved is so high that it can be used for movie film. The holes are accurately positioned up to 2/100 of a milimeter against each other.
This is not actually necessary for still image and we could have used a two pin positioning but hey, we are Germans by birth.....

The last image shows one of the donating machines which we handed over to the machine builder. This machine is from 1964 and still worked fine untill the day we dropped it off.

Kind regards,