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Just regular, thin-ish glass? Or something like 1/8 window glass? I considered rigging up something with window glass but I have seen Newtons Rings before, although not in this context. So I went with the carrier. (Dammit, I'm worth it )

I'm OCD about stuff (and I enjoy the projects) so I've worked on my own carriers over the years, solving enlarging problems as I go. I start with empty Saunders carriers for my enlarger and go from there. My latest version is for 35mm and is pretty over-the-top. I had Schneider cut the top and bottom glasses from Multi-Coated glass out of two B+W clear filters . This carrier is also to print 35mm with masks. The glass is 2mm thick.

It is possible the coated glass is also reducing Newton Ring problems. Some say yes, some say no. Either way, my fail-safe to eradicate Newton Rings is a sheet of unexposed, undeveloped, fully fixed TXP placed between the top glass and negative. Light loss is .5 stops. However with a glass carrier I'm printing at wider apertures anyway so who cares.