mustafa is obviously a man of strong opinion. That's fine, but one needs to keep in mind that the Leica "look" was, often as not, the result of carefully calibrated lens errors and areas of focus. I have no clue if modern lenses made by Leitz still have those considerations built-in, but I do know that the differences between all fine lenses made today are minimal, and i say this as a user of leica glass exclusively (except for the pinhole stuff, of course).

You have to find the leica (or whatever) body that does what you want it to do -- this is where the Leica rangefinder is supreme for street shooting and journalistic purposes -- and then put the best glass on it you can afford.

But you also have to keep in mind that good photography is 5 percent equipment and 95 percent you. A really good photographer using an old box camera will do better than a bad photographer with a Leica.