Any Petri users still out there? New to APUG but I have a (9+) Petri 7s and a parts 7s, actually takes pics but the selenium is gone. I started taking pics at age 7 with a Brownie that my Great-Grandmother gave me and at 11 (1967) my Dad came home from his 3rd trip to Vietnam with a PX Petri 7s and kit. I learned to shoot manual 35mm with that dream machine. I had a Yahica TL Elecro X about 4 years back and sold it to a collecter. I took 24 shots with my Minolta SRT 201 (SLR) to teach my son how to go Analog and he likes the look of film and paper! So next weekend we are to shoot some with the Petri for more teaching and then we will have some film of his son (2 1/2) and then maybe in the future my son might pass on film knowledge.